Newsletter June 2017

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graduateDear Parents,

Thank you for a wonderful year! We appreciate the support and cooperation you have given us throughout the school year.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your family and a privilege to play such an important role in your child’s life. It is a gift to watch them grow, develop and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Thank you for allowing us to experience these precious moments with your child.

May your summer be wonderfully fun and relaxing!

For those of you who are staying on with us throughout the summer, we promise to make it a fun one for the children.

Sincerely, Maria Donati & NCLC Staff

mortar boardKindergarten Graduation

June 15, 2017

  • 6:15 pm Children meet in their classroom
  • 6:30 pm Graduation ceremony
  • 7:00-8:00 pm Reception

kids dancingFYI

Tuition Due

As the formal school year comes to a close, it is imperative that any outstanding balances on student accounts be paid in full by June12th.


(Applies to monthly rates only)

Our 8:45am-11:45am class and 9:00am – 2:00pm classes end on June 16th therefore, June tuition rates for these classes will be as follows:

  • Pre-K AM (M-W-F/8:45-11:45) $195.00
  • Progressive Pre-K AM (M-F/9:00-12:00) $248.00
  • Progressive Pre-K (M-F/9:00-2:00) $435.00
  • Kindergarten (M-F/9:00-2:00) $435.00

2017-2018 NCLC Students

Fall packets will be distributed before the end of the school year. This packet will include a new set of forms to be returned no later than July 10, 2017 and your OPEN HOUSE invitation for August 29, 2017.

Security Cards

Those who are not returning to NCLC in the summer and fall, please return your security cards to the school office on your child’s last day of school.

pail and shovel at the beachDon’t miss out on the fun…

There are a few part-time slots available for our summer program. Please call for more information!!!

Dates to Remember

  • June 9th Kindergarten end-year class trip (Charmingfare Farm)
  • June 15th Kindergarten Graduation
  • June 15th Last day of school-Preschool AM classes
  • June 16th Last day of school-All other classes
  • June 19th Summer Program begins
  • July 4th Independence Day Holiday-NCLC closed
  • July 10th Updated forms due for all 2017-2018 NCLC students
  • August 29th Open House for all 2017-2018 NCLC students
  • September 4th Labor Day Holiday-NCLC closed
  • September 5th 2017-2018 school year begins

kids at churchNCLC Pastor’s Corner

I hope that you and your child had a great experience with NCLC this year and are looking forward to a great summer! Congratulations to all our Kindergarten graduates!

We had a great time with the children during our last chapel of the year on May 23 and 24th. The younger children learned about sharing things you enjoy with your friends and the older children saw how Franklin learned to say, “I’m sorry.” We will be having chapel again next year. They are so much fun for the children and the Pastors really enjoy the children.

Please continue to ask your children about the worksheets or crafts they bring home that relate to the Bible stories they have heard. It really helps them remember.

During the week of July 10th – 14th we will be having Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at NCLC. The children (and teachers) had so much fun over the last few years we wanted to provide this experience for the children again this year. This year, the children will be experiencing in “Maker Fun Factory” that God made all of us and loves us. God is always for us and will never leave us. He also made us for a reason, for a purpose. We will have opening and closing activities in the fellowship hall with Community Chapel VBC, and divide into their normal classrooms during the rest of the morning.

This year, Community Chapel is having VBC at the same time NCLC is. So, If your child is not going to be in NCLC this summer and is in elementary school (grades 1-6) or in PreK or Kindergarten (ages 4 or 5) they are invited to come to VBC at Community Chapel! For more information, please call the church at 603-883-8345. If they will be attending NCLC, they will automatically be involved in VBC.

I hope you have a great summer! We will here at NCLC. If you have any family issues or concerns over the summer please feel free to call. I would like to pray with you and help you in any way I or the church can. Or if you have any questions or would like to talk with me, please give me a call, 603-883-4356.

Pastor Shirley (Kaltenbach)

musical noteNancy’s Notes

As another school year comes to a close, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be able to sing and dance with your children, and watch them grow musically.

This year, in addition to working with toddler, preschool and kindergarten classes, I have been working with the infants. It is amazing to me to see how much even the littlest children respond to music. They sit and stare at my animated facial expressions while I sing, and often they will bounce up and down or shake their arms when I start playing or singing music. They love my great big “gathering drum”, because they can all fit around it and bang on it together, and sometimes even climb on it!

The toddlers have our music class routine down solid. As soon as they enter the room, they sit right down and begin tapping their knees to the beat of our “Hello” song. Many of them are already singing parts of the songs in tune, and are able to march to the beat for short periods of time!

The preschoolers have really grown in their ability to use different parts of their bodies to show the beat of the music, and to adeptly play rhythm instruments to different kinds of beats and rhythms. Now they will all sing out as a group, which is something they did not do as toddlers. They especially love some of the games we play with the parachute or the teddy bears.

The kindergartners have all come so far in their music skills! They can execute a circle dance, play drums to the beat of the music, and many of them can sing entire songs in tune. It has been a joy to make music with these children, and I will miss them very much as they move on to first grade!

Happy Singing!