February 2021

Nashua Child Learning Center



 A Teacher’s Heart

 A teacher’s heart has many rooms.

Each needs a different key.

Love and caring unbolt some compartments.

Faith and prayer find a way into others.

Patience and compassion pick the locks

Of tightly shuttered windows,

Letting in the light of hope and encouragement.

Only then can lives be changed; teachers’ and students’,



School Vacation Week

February 22nd – February 26th     

     (NCLC Open for Child Care only)


For staffing purposes we must know if your child will be attending child care during February vacation. Please use the sign-up sheet in the school lobby and indicate your needs by circling “YES” or “NO” by February 5th.

  Please note:

  • Vacation benefit can only be used if you indicate “NO” for the entire week.
  • You are always responsible for your regular weekly tuition unless you take the entire week as your vacation benefit.
  • If you indicate “YES” by February 5th and your child does not attend you must pay regular tuition for that week.
  • If you fail to indicate your intentions we will assume that your child will be in attendance therefore you will be charged full tuition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Begins on: February 1, 2021

Orders due on: February 15, 2021

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward our

annual spring playground clean-up and landscaping which includes

several tons of sifted play sand. Thank you in advance for your participation.



Friendly Reminders…

 Brrrr…It’s cold outside…please remember to pack winter gear for outside play!

SOCIAL NETWORKING WITH PARENTS (page 18 – Family Handbook)

N.C.L.C. has adopted a strict policy that prohibits staff from becoming “friends” with parents/guardians of N.C.L.C. students on any social networking sites.


February is…

                  National Children’s Dental Health Month

                  In 1950, the American Dental Association worked with Congress to program February 6th as National Children’s Dental Health Day. Now the entire month of February is considered Dental Health Month. The American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors the month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.

Every day…

            Your child is building on the 7 domains of early childhood development through our curriculum. The following is a simple explanation of each and how it applies to our students:

  • Gross Motor: Children learn how to use big muscle groups. Crawling, walking, jumping, and climbing are all examples of this.
  • Fine Motor: Hand-eye coordination with controlled muscle movement in the hands. Examples are coloring, cutting, tearing paper, writing, playing with legos and other manipulatives.
  • Language: Speaking, reading and writing involving alphabetic and phonetic learning.
  • Cognitive: learning cause and effect reasoning as well as math skills and counting and patterning.
  • Social/Emotional: Making sure a child feels safe and nurtured as well as using manners and modeling kind behavior and learning to play with others/sharing.
  • Self Help: Learning independence and how to take care of themselves including but not limited to simple dressing, washing hands and potty training.
  • Morals/Values: Teaching Christian values and through God’s word learning to love and respect themselves, others and the world around us.

                N.C.L.C. Pastor’s Corner

I hope that you and your family have recovered from the holidays and are getting back into what is now the new COVID normal.  Winter is such a great season even with things being so different!  A lot of nature seems to sleep or just take a break.  I hope you and your family have an opportunity to enjoy some times to take a break this winter and remember that God loves you.

During February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The children will be bringing home lots of things with a Valentine theme.   We remember the ones we love in a special way on Valentine’s Day.  Let’s remember that as much as we love each other, God loves us even more.  Let’s celebrate that love, too. 

This year Easter is April 4th and Lent starts February 17th.  I will be getting some materials to you before the 17th to go through the Lenten season with your family.  I’ll include more of an explanation with the materials. 

Please continue to ask your children about the Bible papers and crafts they bring home.  It will help them to remember.  They are also learning Bible verses and songs.  I am sure they would love to tell you or sing for you.

Because of the high numbers of people being diagnosed with COVID, and the death toll climbing, Community Chapel and NCLC boards decided that it would be best if I did not go around to all the classrooms in NCLC.  I am one of the very few that sees each child and therefore has a possibility of carrying the virus from classroom to classroom (even though I take the precaution of washing my hands and spraying disinfectant between each room).  Still, I would hate to have any child catch the virus from me.

Events to look forward to in February and April:

  • So, we won’t be having Winter or Easter Chapel this year. 
  • Hopefully, by May things will look better.  I can be back in the classrooms and we can have Spring chapel. 


A Request:  If there are any changes in your family, please let me know.  Changes in the family, even the loss of a well-loved pet, can deeply affect a child.  We would like to be aware so that we can help your child through this difficult time.  And, I would like to pray for you and your child and help you in any way that I or Community Chapel can help.

If you have any questions about my role at NCLC, helping your child develop his/her relationship with God, or any family concerns, please call me at NCLC, 603-883-4356 or email at pastorshirley@community-chapel.org .


Nancy’s Notes

Dear Parents,

We have been having lots of fun with the resonator bells this month, singing and playing along to “Frere Jacques” and “I’m a Bell”. The bells play either the note “A” or “D”, and we have been exploring using our voices to match those two pitches as we play each of them. We sing the higher note, A, in our “upstairs” voice, and the D in our “downstairs voice”. We have also been working on circle dances, learning how to march, walk, and stomp to the beat, and when the music changes, we face the center and march towards each other (learning how to moderate our step sizes so we don’t crash into each other😉).


In February, we will continue working on polka and circle dances, and I will bring in the large gathering drums for some group drumming fun.

                                                                                                            Happy Singing!