Our Pre-Kindergarten program enrolls children 4-5 years old. You may choose 3-5 mornings 9:00am to 12:00pm or 9:00am to 2:00pm or 3-5 full days per week with child care available from 6:30am to 5:30pm.

Curriculum Summary

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed to prepare each student for Progressive Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. Throughout the school year, specific skills are incorporated into each thematic unit. Pre-Kindergarten focuses on colors, shapes, patterns, recognizing and writing numbers and letters, strategies for conflict resolution, expressive language development, drawing recognizable pictures with detail and a sense of time in understanding past, present and future.

Daily classroom experiences include large and small group activities. Various math skills are covered such as patterning, counting, shapes, graphing and measuring. Literacy is taught through “The Letter People Reading Program”. This literacy program focuses on print awareness, oral language and listening skills, phonemic awareness, letter identification and sound, vocabulary development and letter formation. Journals are used to encourage children to express themselves in pictures and words.

Many Pre-Kindergarten age children need to develop strength in their fine motor control. Learning to use scissors, writing on sloped surfaces, and working with various manipulatives are all excellent ways to gain better control of their little muscles.

Weekly music and creative movement classes offer an opportunity to encourage self-expression. Weekly Christian education classes teach Bible stories that are presented in an age appropriate language that the children can easily understand.

The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten program is to prepare each child for the transition into Progressive Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten in a safe and nurturing environment where children are active in the learning process and where Christian values are modeled for them daily.