Newsletter October 2019

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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your co-operation and understanding during the first month of our new school year. We are very pleased with the adjustment that each child has made to school.

There are several health and safety policies (mandated by the State of N.H. Child Care Licensing Bureau) and school procedures contained in our Family Handbook. These policies and procedures help us to meet our primary goal of being able to offer your child a safe and healthy environment designed to promote development. It is our hope that you will take time to read our Family Handbook carefully, and will question us regarding any unclear policies and/or procedures.

We want to keep you informed of all the happenings at NCLC therefore each month you will receive a hard copy of our newsletter. The newsletter will also be available to read on our website. The newsletter is designed to provide an update on events and activities at the center as well as reminders of important dates and policies. Please take a few minutes to review the important information in our newsletter.

Maria Donati, Director

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Dates to remember

columbus day

October 14th

No classes; Child care only
Please note: AM/9:00-2:00 students may attend if space is available and with prior approval from the office. There is an additional charge for AM and 9:00-2:00 students on this day. This day is not included in your monthly tuition rate.


All orders are due October 15th
(Late orders will be accepted no later than Oct. 18th)
Fundraiser delivery will be the week of November 11th
Thank you for your much needed participation!


October is Fire Prevention Month

The Nashua Fire Department will visit on October 15th for a meet and greet and touch-a-truck experience for all students. We will also learn about fire safety!

Please collect box tops for us!

Please deposit them in the container in our school lobby.

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Referral Bonus

For each referral that leads to an enrollment NCLC will credit your account with a $50.00 referral bonus as our way of saying thank you!!!

When is Tuition Due?

Tuition Payment Schedule

(p. 8, Family Handbook)

Tuition fees must be paid the first school day of each week for child care students. AM / 9:00-2:00 students’ tuition fees are due the first school day of each month.

Late Payment Charges

Late payments can pose serious problems for our program. Therefore we have put procedures in place to reduce their impact. All late payments are subject to a $25.00 late fee. This policy will be strictly enforced.


As a Christian school the primary focus and majority of activities in October are based on the season of fall and harvest. We refrain from activities related to Halloween – therefore you will see that your child’s classroom is celebrating the season with a Harvest party instead of a Halloween party.

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Did You Know?

NCLC has successfully demonstrated compliance with the applicable Licensed Plus Quality Standards and has once again achieved License Plus status. The Department of Health and Human Services recognizes child care programs like NCLC that exceed licensing requirements by meeting Licensed Plus quality standards.

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Nancy’s Notes

Happy Fall! It has been so fun to see your children again and meet some new ones. I started off the year with songs and movement activities that we have done before, so the children could jump right in with their singing voices. And jump they did! They are much more comfortable using their singing voices in class than they were last spring, and I am hearing many of them sing in tune. Even the infants are paying attention when I come and do music with them – yesterday one of the not-quite-one-year-olds was “singing” right on the pitch we call the “resting tone” – which is the main pitch, or note, of the key of the song I was singing. This kind of musical behavior is no accident, as even babies are listening and processing the language of music.

I just started bringing out my fruit shakers, which we shake to Lui Collins’ song, “The Orchard”, and then we took our “fruit” on a train ride while we march around the room shaking them to make the choo choo sound. For the month of October, I will continue with our fall songs and rhythm chants, and bring out the drums for songs such as “Land of the Silver Birch” (also known as the Canoe Song).

Happy Singing!

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NCLC Pastor’s Corner

Isn’t Fall great! As we see the leaves on the trees turning beautiful colors and lawns getting lush and green again after the summer heat, I always thank God that He gave us eyes to see and the ability to experience His beautiful world.

The teachers are doing a fantastic job of teaching Bible to your children as you would expect. This month the children in Transitional Preschool and younger are continuing to learn about this wonderful world that God created. The older children are learning about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The children will be bringing home pictures they have colored and possibly a craft project relating to the stories they have heard. Please ask them about the story. It will help them remember.

As in previous years I have the privilege of going into the classrooms to spend time with the children. During this time, I get to listen to their Bible verses and talk about them. We also sing the song everyone is learning that month with the hand motions and other songs that go along with what they are learning. I have a lot of fun with them and they seem to be having fun, too. I hope to be able to develop deeper relationships with the children and help them learn to know God better.

Trunk or Treat! On the 26th of October from 3:30 to 5:30pm Community Chapel is hosting its 5th annual “Trunk or Treat”! We had so much fun last few years! People from the church and NCLC bring their cars with decorated trunks and treats to the upper parking lot. Lots of people came with their costumed children from NCLC and the church and others to walk among the car trunks and get treats. We also had a fire for s’mores! Everyone had a great time! So, we are doing the same thing again this year! We would love your family to come. If you would like to bring a decorated trunk and some treats, please let me know by Oct. 21, just so we will be able to plan. Hope to see you there!

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions about my role at NCLC, helping your child develop his/her relationship with God, or any family concerns, 603-883-4356.

Pastor Shirley (Kaltenbach)