Newsletter November 2019

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Let Us Give Thanks

Thank you for the beauty, Lord, we find in each new day.
Thank you for the friends we have both near and far away.
Thank you for the food you give to make us big and strong.
Thank you for the happy times that fill our hearts with song.
Thank you for the little ways that we can show we care.
Lord, thank you for Thanksgiving and the blessings that we share.


Dear Parents,

Our primary goal is to offer your child a safe and healthy environment designed to promote development. We are here to support you in the joyous task of raising your child, and hope to be partners in this effort. Working together we can set your child on the road to a healthy and happy childhood full of wonder and the joy of learning. Please feel free to question us daily about your child’s activities and moods. Often parents have specific concerns and joys in regard to the education of their child. The communication of these concerns and joys can help NCLC do a better job for the benefit of your child.
Maria E. Donati

don't forget
  • November 11th: Veterans Day (observed)
    No classes; Child care only
    Please note: AM and 9:00-2:00 students may attend if space is available and with prior approval from the office. There is an additional charge for AM and 9:00-2:00 children on this day. This day is not included in your monthly tuition rate.
  • November 28th& 29th: Thanksgiving Recess
    NCLC will be closed on November 28th and 29th
    FYI: Tuition will remain the same for the week of November 25th.

Welcome Amelia, Keeley and Mariana to our NCLC staff!

Amelia, Keeley and Mariana are currently enrolled in the “Careers in Education Program” at Nashua High School. All three young ladies will be working with us after school Monday thru Friday. Amelia is scheduled to work in the Young Toddler class, Keeley in the Pre-K class and Mariana in the Transitional Preschool class. Amelia and Keeley started working with us on October 21st. Mariana will be starting with us on November 18th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences & Assessments


Parent/Teacher conferences for Kindergarten students will be held the week of November 18th. Look for more information from Ms. Heather. By no means should you feel that this is the only time when you may visit with your child’s teacher. Written assessments for first grade placement will be sent home in April.

All other classes

Developmental Milestone Assessments are sent home twice during the year. A baseline assessment will be completed and sent home by the end of November. A final evaluation will be completed and sent home by the end of May. Please be aware that the teachers do not schedule regular conferences unless there are concerns regarding your child’s behavior or development, however you are always welcome to set up a time to conference with your child’s teacher at any time.

art wall

Art Wall Display

Located in our school lobby. Don’t forget to look for your child’s classroom display!

  • October – Older Toddler
  • November – Progressive Pre-K
  • December – Transitional Preschool
  • January – Preschool
  • February – Young Toddler
  • March – Infants
  • April – Pre-K#1/Pre#2
  • May – Kindergarten (Graduation)
  • Please dress your child for cool weather! We feel that it is refreshing for the children to go outside for recess at varying times of the day. Please label your child’s hats and mittens and all other belongings.
  • Tuition is due at the start of each week for child care students and at the start of the month for AM students and 9 to 2 students. It is imperative that you pay your tuition on time to avoid a late fee ($25) unless you have made prior arrangements with Christine in the school office.
  • Please be sure to note the week that you are paying for on your tuition check and if your last name is different than your child’s name please indicate your child’s name on the bottom of your check.
  • Please check your child’s file folder every day for important and time sensitive information
  • Note that it is imperative that your child stay home if they are sick with influenza-like illness symptoms and should not return to school until they are fever free for at least 24 hours without fever reducing medications.


Children who arrive to school in the early morning hours (6:30 am-8:00 am) are welcome to bring in a nutritious breakfast snack. Donuts and dessert-like snacks are not allowed. Please refrain from packing food with peanuts. We have several severe peanut allergies throughout our school this year.

Being that NCLC is a participant in the USDA Food & Nutrition Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) we are required to provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. Lunches sent from home are not recommended unless your child has allergies or religious restrictions. If you send a lunch from home please be aware that as a CACFP requirement your child will also be served a school lunch unless there are allergies or religious restrictions. Lunches from home are to be nutritious (nothing with peanuts please). No candy, cookies or other sugar/dessert items are allowed.

Inclement Weather Conditions

When the Nashua Public Schools close due to the weather, there will be no classes for AM / 9:00-2:00 students.(Please check WMUR TV for Nashua Public School closings).

During Nashua Public School closings we will be open for child care only from 7:00am to 5:30pm.

IMPORTANT! Nashua Public School late delays and public AM Kindergarten cancellations have no effect on our hours or regular class sessions.

“One Call Now” Parent Notification

One Call Now” is an automated parent notification system that allows NCLC to contact all parents within minutes via email/phone. We will use this automated notification system to alert you to the following:

  • Delayed Opening: If we are forced to delay opening due to weather conditions.
  • Early Closings: If we are forced to close early due to weather conditions.
  • Site Closure: Site closing due to severe weather or other conditions (i.e., snow, storms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, loss of power, loss of water).
  • Emergency Notification: Critical incidents where a child, staff member or parent’s safety is in immediate jeopardy. These calls include lockdowns, evacuations and relocations.

If a site closure falls on a day that your child is regularly scheduled for, you are still responsible to pay for that day.

did you know
  • NCLC is celebrating 46 years of excellence!
  • NCLC is a Licensed Plus Center!
    Licensed Plus is a quality rating system that recognizes N.H. child care programs for efforts to improve the quality of child care for young children through improving our practices and staff qualifications.
  • All NCLC staff members regularly participate in workshops and college courses in Early Childhood Education so as to incorporate new skills and knowledge into their work with young children!
  • Fund raising profit ($1,750.00) is being used for special programs and much needed classroom and outdoor equipment and supplies. Thank you to those families who participated and made donations to our fall campaign.
  • Christopher Vosburgh, our school photographer, has been photographing NCLC students for 29 years! Christopher spends a good amount of time with each child to insure a beautiful portrait without a sitting fee or obligation to buy…and NCLC receives a portion of the proceeds. Thank you in advance for purchasing your child’s portraits! School portraits are scheduled for November 18th and 19th.
  • All NCLC students enjoyed a presentation by the Nashua Fire Department on October 15th in celebration of Fire Safety Month!
  • We also enjoyed a fun and fantastic magic show with Greg McAdams on October 21st.
tray of cookies

Cookie Dough Fund Raiser

Delivery date: Week of November 11th
Thank you for your participation!

Earn cash for our school… No more clipping. All you need is your smart phone! Please click here for more information.


Nancy’s Notes

I love that when the children come into my classroom they have song and activity requests that they remember from last year. I can’t always accommodate them in one class, but it shows they are engaged, learning, and having fun with music, which is my goal for them. This month, we have been having lots of fun with hand drums. First, we used them to drum a steady beat that matches the song we are singing, and then we pretended they were steering wheels for the “Ridin’ in the Car” song (by Music Together). We’re even using them to make a marching band! I also brought in my ukulele to accompany some of our songs, and the older children were delighted to have a turn strumming it. Next month I will let each of them have a turn holding it and playing a simple chord.

Soon we will be singing about Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman(!), but I will also include some of my favorite songs of Thanksgiving such as the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth”.

Happy Singing!

kids at church

Pastor Shirley’s Corner

As I walked into NCLC this morning, the frost was definitely on the pumpkin, but I know it will warm up and be a glorious day. When we get to live in days like this, I always thank God that He gave us the ability to experience His beautiful world. Since November is the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s take a minute each day to thank God for something He has given us or done for us.

We had such a great time at Trunk or Treat this past weekend. I hope you and your family were able to be with us to enjoy seeing all the decorations, getting candy, eating hot dogs and cookies, and enjoying the time with your children. I enjoyed seeing a lot of you there. If you missed it maybe we will get to see you there next year.

Please continue to ask your child about the pictures and craft projects they will be bringing home, pictures relating to the Bible stories they have heard. It will help them remember. They are also learning Bible verses and songs they might want to tell you about or sing for you.

I have been visiting the children in their classrooms and on the playground, playing with them, reading stories together, and talking with them about God. They always have very good questions and I am happy to answer any question anyone wants to ask.

Chapel Dates and Times: Community Chapel pastors will have 30 minute chapel for NCLC children on November 20th starting at 9:30 (Transitional Preschool and younger), 10:00 (Preschool and older) in the sanctuary at Community Chapel. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

A Request: If there are any changes in your family, please let me know. Changes in the family, even the loss of a well-loved pet, can deeply affect a child. We would like to be aware so that we can help your child through this difficult time. And, I would like to pray for you and your child and help you in any way that I or Community Chapel can help.

If you have any questions about my role at NCLC, helping your child develop his/her relationship with God, or any family concerns, please call me at NCLC, 603-883-4356 or send email to

I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Pastor Shirley (Kaltenbach)